Wednesday, 22 April 2020

What is a Bugle Call?

Hey guys today we have to find out what a bugle call was. I decided to post mine. I have put all the bugle calls and the definition of what a bugle call is. Here they are!

What is a bugle call?
A bugle call is were they have a trumpet and they have different calls, they retreat men,assemble the men and to warn men. I will tell you all about the calls and what the are.

First Call:
Is a call to warn the soldiers to prepare to get into formation.

The call told the men to come out of their beds and get ready for the day.

This call was signalling the men to form ranks for the first three roll calls held through out the day.

Guard mounting:
Assignments for the guard duty followed the 9 am call of guard mount.

Drill Call:
Was a warning to turn up for drill

Signals duties or signals to ceace.

Mail Call:
Mail calls signalled personnel to assemble for the distribution of mail.

Officer Call:
This call signaled all the officers to assemble at a designated place

First sergeant call:
Warned that the first sergeant was about to form company.

Retreat Call:
The retreat call signaled the end of the official day.

This call sent them to bed with all lights out.

Thats all the calls I think. As you can see there are lots of call the soldiers had to remember and what they used back in the day.

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  1. Hi Leah Sorry I haven't looked at your work the last couple of days!
    You have been teaching me so many interesting things. They used the bugle a lot for communication didn't they. I wonder if they would still use the bugle or if they would text?


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