Friday, 17 November 2017

Netball Court Measurement

Sophie and I have made a screencastify about perimeter around our school netball court. We first thought it was easy, but actually it was hard but you actually get used to it. This will probably help you with your perimeter. Hope you like our screencastify!

"l" Sound DLO

In my spelling group I have been learning the "l" sound. Here is my DLO about the "l" Sound. Here are some examples of the "l" sound: muddle, tremble, table, tackle, bottle,petrol, symbol, carol.

Spelling DLO

In my Spelling group I buddied up with Sophie, Jake and Alex. We made a Spelling DLO about the "g" sound. Here is a screencastify about the "g" sound. Hope you enjoy it and learn what the words sound like and what they mean. Here are the words!

Friday, 10 November 2017

Shimmer & Glimmer Nail Polish

Sophie and I have made a advertisement about nail polish. Here is a Screencastify of our nail polish advertisement. Don't call or email because it is just an advertisement so it's not real.