Wednesday, 25 March 2020

ABC Jobs

Hey guys this is my second post and this one is about ABC Jobs. We had to write jobs from A-Z and pick 2-3 jobs that we liked and say why you like them and other things like how much money they got. Here are my ones.  If you would like to know anything about these jobs comment down below and I will answer them. Enjoy!

These amazing people  study archaeology and find things in the past years. Some people get paid 78,173 dollars a year which is the average amount to get paid. They find lots of things from ages ago like fossils from unknown creatures like dinosaurs. Imagine finding a rare bone from an animal that nobody has seen, that would be kinda cool.

These people usually solve crimes and cases.  They have to gather evidience of how the crime happened and also find cluse. Then they try to solve the problem which is pretty hard because they don’t actually see what happened in the first place, so they have to be careful with who they deal with because the person who ends up behind bars might not even be the person who started the big crime. The average amount of money paid to detectives is 65,860 dollars a year, which is quite a lot of money


Journalists usually spend most of their time interviewing and writing the paper about whats been happening in a certain place. Small papers get around 20-30 thousand dollars a year, medium papers get about 35-55 thousand dollars a year and large papers get 60 thousand dollars or more a year. They are pretty important, because if there were no papers you wouldn’t know what would be happening.


  1. What great work Leah! Learning about your choices was interesting. I think Forensic Scientists or Investigators could be a job choice between being an archaeologist and a detective. Have you had thoughts on what you want to do in the future for a job?
    Stay safe

    1. I wanted to be a good netball player,but I could go for a good job. Not to sure, I should start thinking about it. Thanks for the comment Julie! :)

    2. Most professional sports players also have a career. That way if an injury rules them out of playing again they still have an income. Maybe you could investigate if your favourite player has a career other than netball. How much does a professional netballer make? Is that enough income to survive the kind of life you'd like to lead? Happy investigating :)

  2. Hi Leah,
    I love the range of jobs you have selected. They are all very different. I also love that you chose an archaeologist. Did you know they have a archaeologist on site down at the river where they are building the new bridge. He has to be there when they take of the top layer of dirt to check to make sure there is nothing in it. Hopefully when we get back to school he will come and share some of his findings with us. Out of those 3 jobs which one would be your favourite?


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.