Wednesday, 25 March 2020

ABC Jobs

Hey guys this is my second post and this one is about ABC Jobs. We had to write jobs from A-Z and pick 2-3 jobs that we liked and say why you like them and other things like how much money they got. Here are my ones.  If you would like to know anything about these jobs comment down below and I will answer them. Enjoy!

These amazing people  study archaeology and find things in the past years. Some people get paid 78,173 dollars a year which is the average amount to get paid. They find lots of things from ages ago like fossils from unknown creatures like dinosaurs. Imagine finding a rare bone from an animal that nobody has seen, that would be kinda cool.

These people usually solve crimes and cases.  They have to gather evidience of how the crime happened and also find cluse. Then they try to solve the problem which is pretty hard because they don’t actually see what happened in the first place, so they have to be careful with who they deal with because the person who ends up behind bars might not even be the person who started the big crime. The average amount of money paid to detectives is 65,860 dollars a year, which is quite a lot of money


Journalists usually spend most of their time interviewing and writing the paper about whats been happening in a certain place. Small papers get around 20-30 thousand dollars a year, medium papers get about 35-55 thousand dollars a year and large papers get 60 thousand dollars or more a year. They are pretty important, because if there were no papers you wouldn’t know what would be happening.

Wanted Poster

Hi Guys
Since school is closed from Covid-19 we have a couple tasks to do while we are home  Self-Isolating. I have made a Wanted Poster for one of the characters in my book I am reading at the moment. My book is called WildFire, it is very interesting and it make me want to read it more and more


Friday, 21 February 2020

Wanted Poster

In class we have been reading this book called " Liars". This book is really cool and interesting, also makes you want to read more and more of it. Our teacher made some activities for us to finish for our reading session. I made a wanted poster for one of the activities. We had to put a lot of detail of what the person looks like. Here is my poster!

Friday, 14 February 2020

Dear Future Self

Hey Bloggers!
In class we made a piece of writing where we had to write to our future self. I wrote my likes and dislikes, my friends and other things about what I would do in 5 years. I hope you like my writing. 

My 2020 Goals

Hey Bloggers!
In class a couple days ago, we were making some goals that we have to achieve in a year. I hope to accomplish these goals that I have set for myself. We have different goals like reading, writing and maths. I will be sharing them with you. 

My Goals for 2020!:)
Goal 1: My reading goals for 2020 is: that I can read harder and more challenging words and read fluently

Goal 2:My writing goal for 2020 is: that I can show the teacher my writing and have no mistakes and have my writing done by a certain time point.

Goal 3: My math goal for 2020 is: that I can accomplish my division and multiplication. 

My Personal goal: I want to get better at netball and swimming.

My Social goal:My social goal is that I want to make more friends in other schools and at the school I am at now so have friends when I go to high school.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Questions for Camp Activities

Before we went on our Murchison camp, we had to come up with some questions about our camp; Are the flames permanent? At camp I figured out some of these questions, the flames are permanent, and my favorite things to do on camp was going on the White water rafting. Here is my questions about Camp.
I hope you like it!


End of the Year Speeches

Hi Everyone!
Since it's nearly the end of the year, our whole class had to make end of the year speeches. We had to include all our main things we loved and what we did the whole time we've been at school. Even if you went to a different school you could add things about that school as well. I would love for you to comment and give me some advice on how I could improve my speech.

Hello everyone, I am Leah, I’m a year 7 at the age of 12. I am going to tell you how my school life started. First of all I want to say a big thanks to my parents for being here for me  I really love playing all sports, especially NETBALL! I also love swimming! I have the most best friend ever called Ell, but I have a lot more.

When I first came to this amazing school, I was so nervous, but when I got there everyone was so nice to me. I had made so many friends on my first day, and made many more through the years. I really liked my teachers they all helped me through my learning and they were all really kinda. They made me work hard and helped me reach my goals and some are still to succeed. I remember when Mrs C was ready to finish school but was coming going off school because she was pregnant, we have a little party for her. I remember she had to change a fake baby's nappy and it had a Moro bar pretending to be something else, it was funny. I remember all the funny things that happened in the classes. Hopefully in the future I see all my teachers again.

 I remember the treasure box in Room 1 and 2 and Little Red the teddy bear. I remember I took Little red home and I had the best time ever.   I had many friends that left to different schools sadly, but gained many more. 

I really loved the trips we went on a Point Elizabeth Walk where we had to find all these chocolates and dance around corners, it was fun. I remember Santa came and joined us, and also gave us Fish n chips, I remember going to the Kiwi house in Hokitika and we also went to the Kiwi Creche down Atarua and we got to feel the kiwi. In Room 5, we went to two camps we went to Waitua and Hanmer Springs they were really fun.   Also I loved the camps in Room 6 especially, we went to Boyle river and Murchison, I loved those camps the best.

When I grow up I want to be a Silver Fern player or if I don’t be one of them I will get a high paying job. But I would really love to be a Silver Fern player like Maria Tutaia and Laura Langman who is now going to the Aussie Team.

Thanks to all my friends, family and teachers for being there all times and helping  me through tough times.

School bells are ringing loud and clear, vacation’s over, school is here.