Tuesday, 21 April 2020

History of the making

Hey guys another post for today, about Covid-19 and WW1. These are more questions about what caused Covid-19, are there similarities between Covid-19 and WW1. So here are the questions and answers.

History of the making!

Where did it start?
China, Food market

How did it start?
Person eating food that they should be eating eg; bats,dogs,cats, alive animals
How has it spread around the world?
People seeing each other, and not keeping their distance, people not sneezing and coughing into there inner elbow.

What are countries doing to prevent the virus spreading?
Lockdown/Quarantine/Isolation, staying home, no contact with people, 2meter distance.

Are there any similarities between WW1 and this virus?

Yes everyone in the WW1 were fighting against people, and we are fighting the virus.

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  1. Great comparison Leah. During WW1 there was the great Spanish Influenza that killed a lot of people. The world learnt a lot about how to control Pandemics through the Spanish Influenza and those countries or cities that controlled it better.
    I am glad we only have to stay at home and that we aren't sending people away from our shores to not come back


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.